Wambaka Kosea

Wambaka Kosea is one of the world’s highly qualified professionals in multi-discipline fields of current international interest such as Economics, Management, International Commercial Law, International Management, Business and Education among others from the most highly recorgnised institutions of learning in the world and whose academic credentials have been evaluated by the World Education Services, New York as verifiable evidence that they meet national and continental aspirations.

He has accumulated experience of over seventeen (17) in verifiable Social Economic and Development Practices, Community System Strengthening Planning, Organizational Development, Resettlement Interventions, Project Management, Strategic and Master Planning, Community Mobilization, Development Planning, Public Financial Management and Reviews, Governance, Policy Research and Project Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of National, Regional and International Programmes that evidently impact on Global Development, Livelihood Restoration Programmes, Capacity Building in Centralized and Decentralized settings, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Project studies that guide project initiation, implementation and operations, problem animal management interventions, tourism destination development, Strategic Environment Assessments, baseline surveys and situation audits among others.

  • He has been a consultant of mainly flag bearer National Projects that require coherent innovations funded by the European Union, UNDP, COMESA, Irish Government, French Government, World Bank, Global Fund and largely the Government of Uganda.
  • He has been a lead expert on Local Government approved thematic modules oversight capacity building consultancies in Uganda. He was/is also the Project Team Leader for Resettlement Action Plan Development for land acquisitions for the Oil Refinery and the Petroleum Products Pipeline for Uganda where he developed resettlement strategies, community livelihood development programmes that are being implemented now in the Albertine Graben.
  • He was a pioneer consultant in developing strategic interventions that guided the development and operationalization of Regional Referral Hospitals to exist as self-accounting institutions. He is leading the technical team of consultants in developing the master plan and strategic environment assessment for the source of the Nile river area into a world class tourism destination where part of the job accountabilities include spearheading benchmarking studies in Nile Delta of Egypt . He spearheaded a feasibility study for problem animal management interventions in Uganda.
  • He understands the operations of international organizations like the UN and member Governments in areas of planning, security, human rights, operations, financing and investment execution especially in guiding private investment that forms the key economic driver of national and international development. He participated in the development of the first National Development Plan of Uganda by inputting Tourism and Trade interventions and can now vividly guide investment operations towards the direction of the overall vision and mission of Uganda as a country in adherence to international benchmarks. He understands the operations and strategic direction of world trade and environmental issues, Energy, Agriculture, Tourism, Industry, Trade and the Service Industry among others. Kosea was a key person in developing Ministerial Policy Statement for Uganda Wildlife Education Centre under the then Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry and could defend the same before Parliamentary session committee on Tourism. He has made technical presentations in National and International engagements with high level of confidence and etiquette; He can therefore comfortably organize, represent and head a senior level team of professionals to execute organizational activities at local and international levels. Kosea is a self-driven professional who privately supports his career and professional growth, reads a lot and does a lot of personal research, he is regularly informed about the current world events and their global impacts and sometimes, suggests coherent mitigations to relevant institutions based on empirical evidence and analytical thinking that has been gained from experience and as part of professional training. He has been particularly trained by experience and academia to tackle and manage even the most difficult tasks and situations in appropriate calm manner.

Kosea’s education is further detailed below;

  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) Fellow, Economics, from College of Business and Management Science: Makerere University; Kampala, Uganda.
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) Fellow, in Management at Texila American University, Guyana and University of Central Nicaragua.
  • Masters in Economic Policy and Planning from College of Business and Management Science: Makerere University; Kampala, Uganda.
  • Masters in Business Administration from East and Southern Management Institute: Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Masters in International Commercial Law from University of Salford; Manchester UK and Robert Kennedy College Switzerland.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (Economics) from School of Education Makerere University Kampala Uganda.
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), Masaba Senior Secondary School.
  • Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), Masaba Senior Secondary School.
  • Uganda Primary Leaving Certificate (UPLC); Buyobo Primary School.

Other Academic and Executive Professional Development Certificates / Trainings

  • Professional Development Certificate in Negotiation (Dealing with Difficult People and Problems) from Harvard Law School, Harvard University U.S.A.
  • Professional Development Certificate in Intensive Leadership Excellence from the University of California (Berkeley Extension), Californian, U.S.A.
  • Certificate in International Labour Migration: Economics, Politics and Ethics from University of Oxford UK
  • Professional Development Certificate in Politics and Economics of International Energy from Sciences Po University, France.
  • Professional Development Certificate in Finance and Banking in the European Context from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Professional Development Certificate in International Taxation on Oil and Gas and Other Mining Activities from IBFD (International Tax Academy), conducted in Singapore.
  • Professional Development Certificate in International Tax Aspects of Corporate Tax planning from IBFD, conducted in Moscow, Russia.
  • Professional Development Certificate in Energy and Mining Law, from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
  • Certificate in Climate Change: The Science; from University of British Columbia; Canada
  • Professional Development Certificate in Analytical System Thinking from University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Certificate in Global Diplomacy: The United Nations in the World from University of London and SOAS University of London.
  • Professional Development Certificate in International Organisations Management from University of Geneva.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Project Planning and Management from Makerere University; Kampala, Uganda.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from Makerere University; Kampala, Uganda.
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management; from Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, Makerere University
  • Certificate in Strategic Procurement and logistics management; from Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, Makerere University
  • Professional Development Certificate in Strategic Management from East and Southern African Management Institute, Arusha, Tanzania. A high profile management course that involved training in strategic thinking and long term planning for Big National and International Organizations including comprehensive and coherent means of sustainable impact monitoring and evaluation.
  • Professional Development Certificate in Wetland and Poverty Reduction Project, from Wetlands International, with four major thematic modules namely;-Wetlands and Water Resource Management, Wetland Valuation, Policy Setting and Advocacy, and Financial Mechanisms
  • Professional Development Certificate in Trade and Trade Policy from Uganda Programme on Trade Opportunities and Policy together with the European Union. A course that involved training in Regional integration and agreements in Africa (opportunities and challenges facing COMESA), the Hong Kong Ministerial conference and beyond, Aid for Trade, the Doha Work Program (lessons, challenges and the way forward), Mult-lateral trade systems (focusing on ACP-EU) trade relations, National Trade Policy for Uganda and dispute settlement in international trade.