SFI are proud to work closely with our clients to help them meet their business objectives and develop new projects. One of the ways we achieve this is through the preparation of comprehensive environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) which are often required by regulators as part of the project approval process.

An ESIA predicts and assesses the potential environmental and social impacts of a proposed project, evaluates alternatives, and specifies appropriate mitigation measures. It demonstrates to all stakeholders that a systematic process for identifying, evaluating and managing the potential positive and negative impacts of a project are in place. We prepare ESIAs which provide our clients, regulatory authorities and project investors the confidence they need for the project to proceed.

SFI coordinates and prepares ESIAs of all sizes around the world. Our multidisciplinary team provides you with a single point of contact who will manage all aspects of preparing your ESIA. Our technical environmental and social specialists work closely together in optimising fieldwork. We work with project engineers to develop practical and effective mitigation measures, and provide integrated reports which consider the complex interactions between impacts.